Introducing the new Spruto free web video-player constructor!

Introducing the new Spruto free web video-player constructor!

The just-released Spruto free web video player constructor allows you to simply and quickly build your own unique player..

Move the buttons, change the color, add a design, with the Spruto player constructor, you can create an unlimited number of unique players to match your website design. All the player’s elements are under your control and the constructor gives you literally millions of possible visual design combinations..

Easily edit via the constructor:

  • All of the player control buttons
  • Player color
  • Design and color transparency level
  • Opacity
  • Player size
  • All player button locations within the player
  • Player and controls margins
  • Create settings for showing and hiding the player controls
  • and a heck of a lot more!

To use the Spruto player constructor, in your admin panel, click the "Designer" tab in the top menu of the editor :

The Spruto web-player constructor and all of its features are absolutely free!
Take it for a test drive today, we’re sure you’ll be impressed!