Add your logo to your player

Add your logo to your player

Despite Spruto being a totally-free online video player, we don’t clutter your player with our branding and you have complete control over its design and where your logo will be shown inside the player.

Adding your logo to the player is simple!

  • Select image that you want to add
  • Place your logo online by uploading it to your server or a photo hosting site (we recommend putting it on your server)
  • In the “Player” tab in your Spruto account, in the “Design” section, turn on the logo function and add the web link to your logo
  • Then fill out the rest of the fields in the “Design” section to choose how and where you want your logo to appear in your player

Your uploaded logo should be in the PNG or JPEG format and should be 50 pixels by 50 pixels. If your logo is a different size it will be reformatted to 50 * 50 pixels.

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