Player features v.3.0.3

The Spruto web player offers you a world of features to show video on your website:

everything you need to show the world your content

already created



Completely Customizable

Access a variety of player skins or create your own player design and control buttons with our intuitive and easy-to-use tools.


The Spruto player is completely free with no limitations.


Spruto supports Flash and HTML5 so you can show your videos on any device.


Spruto offers a simple yet powerful system to create and prioritize playlists.

Choose Your Hosting

Spruto can be installed directly onto your own servers or used with many popular hosting services such as,, with more options on the way.

Easy Installation

Enter a link to a video and immediately copy the embed code or download and install the player directly onto your own servers.

A full Suite Of Statistics

Spruto offers a full statistics system with pre-created events giving you immediate insight into viewer behavior and how your content is being consumed.

Thumbnail Previews

You can add any image as a thumbnail preview including both static images and video previews.

HD Switching

HD Switching - video playback in multiple resolutions

Google Analytics

Spruto is now integrated with Google Analytics allowing you to easily track your player statistics including player launches, video views, viewer behaviour and a whole lot more.

Player constructor

Move the buttons, change the color, add a design, with the Spruto player constructor, you can create an unlimited number of unique players to match your website design.

Always up-to-date

Using the player on the site Spruto, you can not worry about the new versions of the player. You will always have the latest version of the player; We provide automatic updates to browser support, bug fixes and new features.


Use the Spruto player via your keyboard

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